Passing This Legislation Will

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Preserve recreation options for Oregonians

Without this reform, insurance costs will continue to skyrocket and businesses will be forced to either increase their costs to recreationists or eliminate certain recreation options altogether.

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Keep recreation affordable, especially for low-income Oregonians

Access to recreation, especially health clubs and gyms, is essential to increasing the health and well-being of Oregonians across the state. Whether they are participating in after-school sports teams, working out in health clubs or enjoying Oregon’s forests and rivers, it is essential we preserve access to recreation for all of our community.

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Protect vital jobs and tax revenue 

Oregon indoor and outdoor recreation providers generate $16.75 billion in economic activity, which makes them an economic force across the state. Collectively, they employ 245,000 Oregonians and contribute more than $1 billion in tax revenue to the state and local communities.

Support rural economies that depend on recreational tourism

While recreation providers generate benefits across the state, they are particularly important in rural communities that rely on tourism. Without a vibrant recreation sector, many of the small businesses that hold these communities together will disappear.

Make Oregon a more desirable state for recreation and fitness small businesses

If Oregon recreation providers are subject to substantially higher costs than their counterparts in other western states, it will be more difficult to start or locate a recreation or fitness business here. With our reasonable waiver reform proposal, Oregon can open the door to more fitness options and reclaim its identity as a haven for recreationists.