Thank you for supporting Protect Oregon Recreation!

March 24, 2023 – Thank you for your support of Protect Oregon Recreation’s mission to return to the same liability standard as every other western state. Together we’ve made it clear to legislators that liability waiver reform is crucial to keep recreation and fitness accessible and affordable for Oregonians.

More than 150 businesses have joined our movement and over 2,100 Oregonians from every corner of the state have signed our petition asking for change. The issue has also been a hot topic in the news with more than 45 stories including letters to the Oregonian from the Oregon Mountain Biking Coalition and Medford-area Rogue Valley Times from Flywheel Bicycles.

Thank you to the bill chief sponsors Sen. Woods (D), Sen. Bonham (R), Sen. Hansel (R), Rep. Lively (D) and regular sponsors Sen. Anderson (R), Rep. Gomberg (D), Rep. Helm (D), Sen. Knopp (R) and Sen. Meek (D) for raising awareness on this important issue.

At this time, the Senate has decided that liability waiver reform needs further review. While the bill will not move forward this session, Protect Oregon Recreation is actively working with legislators to continue this important dialogue about how our out of balance liability laws impact Oregonians.

Stay tuned for more details on our meetings with legislators and bringing this important issue back to the 2024 legislative session. Be sure to follow us on our social media channels for updates.

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