Governor Signs Temporary Recreational Immunity Fix

We are thrilled to share that the Oregon legislature passed SB 1576A in the 2024 short session, and Governor Kotek signed into law this temporary fix that restores recreational immunity. The success in passing this emergency fix is in large part thanks to everyone who submitted testimony and contacted their legislators about the importance of keeping Oregon’s trails open.

SB 1576A is critical to keeping our trails open, reversing recent closures, and keeping local trail improvement and development projects on track!

With the passage of this temporary measure, CityCounty Insurance Services has rescinded their guidance to close trails based on liability concerns.

The bill provides an emergency fix to Oregon’s recreational immunity law for both public and private lands by clarifying that through January 2026: 

  • Recreational immunity applies to improved and unimproved trails.

  • Walking, biking, and running are included in the “includes but is not limited to” list of recreational purposes.

The 2026 sunset clause on the bill was critical to its success in moving as an emergency bill in the short session, but it means we’ll need to continue to rally support for a permanent solution that restores recreational immunity in Oregon for future generations.

Thanks to everyone who contacted their legislators with support for the bill. Many legislators have shared that their support for the bill rested on having heard from constituents that it was a priority issue. For now, You Protected Oregon Recreation!

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